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Evan Powell - Friday, Jun 13, 2014
Sony's new HW40ES for home theater is an outstanding value for its aggressive $2,499 price tag......more...

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Home Theater Projector Reviews

Jun 13 - Sony VPL-HW40ES Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
Sony's most affordable home theater projector has a beautiful image, high-end features, and outstanding value...
May 22 - InFocus IN8606HD Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
A solid home video projector with unique features that faces tough competition in its price range.
Mar 26 - Optoma HD91 Review: LED Home Theater Projector
Bill Livolsi
An affordable, feature rich, LED-based 1080p home theater projector has finally arrived...
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Apr 25 - LG PF85U vs. BenQ 1070

Home Video Projector Reviews

Jul 25 - Digital Galaxy DG-757 Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
Dirt cheap, but performance is close to bottom of the barrel. You get what you pay for...
Jul 21 - Fugetek FG-637 -- World's Worst Projector?
Bill Livolsi
Perhaps the worst of the cheap projectors on the market today...
Apr 10 - LG PF85U Review: LED Home Video Projector
Bill Livolsi
A $1,299 LED-powered home video projector with all the features of a Smart TV...
Acer H5380BD Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
No matter whether you're on the road or in your own home theater, at $549 there's a lot to love about this portable powerhouse...
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Pico Projector Reviews

May 15 - ASUS S1 Pocket Projector
Marc Davidson
A new and very sweet little pocket projector for only $319...
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Pocket Projector Reviews

Pocket Projector Reviews

Portable Projector Reviews

Jul 1 - InFocus IN1146 Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
Compact size, excellent connectivity, and a hassle-free LED light engine make the IN1146 an ultra-portable projector worthy of the name.
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Conference Room Projector Reviews

Jun 16 - Casio XJ-UT310WN LED/Laser review
Marc Davidson
A bright ultra-short throw projector with a 20,000 light engine...
Apr 25 - NEC NP-M402X Portable Conference Room Projector
Marc Davidson
An 8-lb, 4000 lumen XGA conference room data projector for under $1000...
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Large Venue Projector Reviews

Feb 27 - Epson Pro G6900WU WUXGA Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
A fully featured 1920x1200 conference room projector that pumps 6000 lumens out of a compact and convenient 20 lb. package...
Feb 11 - Viewsonic Pro8520HD 1080p Presentation Projector Review
Bill Livolsi
A bright 1080p projector made for the conference room, but its lightening fast input lag makes it an outstanding choice for upscale video gaming also...
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Education Projector Reviews

Jul 14 - NEC NP-M282X Review: XGA DLP Classroom Projector
Bill Livolsi
A low-cost, high-performance XGA projector for the classroom that costs only $629...
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