Christie Boxer 4K30 Projector

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Christie Boxer 4K30 Projector

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Christie Boxer 4K30 Projector Specifications

MSRP $109,995
Street Price**
Warranty:  3 Years
Status:  Shipping
First Ship:  Apr 2015
Last Ship**
User Manual
Product Sheet
Replacement Lamp Model Number003-104599-XX
Brightness: 30,000 Lumens
Contrast: 2,000:1
Auto Iris: **
Resolution: 4096x2160
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (Quad HD)
Video Modes: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 2160p/24, 768p
Data Modes: MAX 4096x2160
Max Power: **
Voltage: 200V - 240V
Size: 12.0 x 23.5 x 37.8
Weight: 150.0 lbs
Network (RJ-45)
RS232 (DB-9pin)
HDBaseT (RJ-45)
Lamp Life: 1,500 hours
Lamp Type: NSH
Lamp Wattage: 450 Watts
Lamp Quantity: 6
Display Type: 1.4" DLP (3)
Optional Lenses:
  Christie 144-103105-XX HB Zoom Lens 1.13:1-1.31:1
  Christie 144-104106-XX HB Zoom Lens 1.31:1-1.63:1
  Christie 144-105107-XX HB Zoom Lens 1.63:1-2.17:1
  Christie 144-106108-XX HB Zoom Lens 1.99:1-2.71:1
  Christie 144-107109-XX HB Zoom Lens 2.71:1-3.89:1
  Christie 144-108100-XX HB Zoom Lens 3.89:1-5.43:1
  Christie 144-109101-XX HB Zoom Lens 4.96:1-7.69:1
  Christie 144-110103-XX HB Fixed Lens 0.72:1
  Christie 144-111014-XX Fixed Lens 0.90:1
Lens Shift: Horz & Vert
Audible Noise: **
Speakers: No
Digital Zoom: **
Digital Keystone: Horz & Vert
Special Features: Option Slots, Edge Blending, Geometric Correction
Comments: 30,000 center lumens, 29,000 ANSI lumens
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