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A complete list of Christie projector reviews and shootouts featuring Christie projectors.

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Christie LW41
Conference Room Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Dec 5, 2012
Our Review
 Specs    Price: n/a  
This 4000 lumen, WXGA projector offers a reasonable balance of image quality, brightness, features, and price...
Christie LWU501i
Large Venue Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Oct 30, 2012
2012 Highly Rated
 Specs    MSRP: $6,585  
The Christie LWU501i delivers 5000 lumens at high res 1920x1200 quality...
Christie LWU505
Large Venue Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Aug 10, 2011
Our Review
 Specs    Price: n/a  
A 1920x1200 resolution widescreen projector rated at 5000 lumens, made for a large conference room or small auditorium...
Christie LWU420
Conference Room Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Nov 16, 2010
2010 Highly Rated
 Specs    MSRP: $8,995  
Combine the best features of large-venue and portable projectors and you get the Christie LWU420, a WUXGA powerhouse with flexible lensing, a bright high-resolution picture, and the ability to take it all on the road.