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A complete list of Dell projector reviews and shootouts featuring Dell projectors.

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Dell S718QL
Large Venue Road Test
M. David Stone — Nov 29, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $4,999  
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4K UHD + Laser + 5000 lumens + Ultra Short Throw What more do you want?
Dell S518WL
Conference Room Road Test
Evan Powell — Oct 17, 2017
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 Specs    $999  
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The lowest price LASER-based 1280x800 projector currently on the market...
Dell S560
Conference Room New Product Announcement
M. David Stone — Jul 11, 2017
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 Specs    $999  
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Full HD 1920x1080, 3400 lumens Ultra Short Throw -- 0.25 ratio Compact, 10 lbs, easy to install
Dell 7760 Laser
Large Venue New Product Announcement
M. David Stone — Feb 13, 2017
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 Specs    $2,499  
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5400 lumens - 1920 x 1080 - LASER $3,099* * very low price for this performance
Dell 4350
Conference Room Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Feb 3, 2016
Our Review
 Specs    $958  
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Dell's latest 1920x1080, 4000 lumen projector for business applications...
Dell M115HD
Pocket Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Apr 28, 2014
Our Review
 Specs    $700  
Under two pounds with the power brick, a solid little business projector that can be used for home entertainment.
Dell M900HD
Portable Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Sep 24, 2013
Our Review
 Specs    $580  
For the presenter on the go, the M900HD has a lot to offer -- and with an $899 MSRP, it won't break the bank...
  Interactive Classroom Projector Shootout
Projector Shoot-Out
Marc Davidson — Jan 18, 2013
  Six interactive classroom projectors tested and compared head to head...
    Dell S500wi
Specs  MSRP: $1,089  
    BenQ MW860USTi
Specs  MSRP: $2,499  
    Epson BrightLink 485Wi
Specs  MSRP: $2,099  
    Sony SW535C
Specs  MSRP: $3,050  
    Dell S320wi
Specs  MSRP: $1,049  
    SMART 40wi
Specs  Price: n/a  
Dell 7700
Large Venue Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Jul 5, 2012
Our Review
 Specs    $2,799  
Dell's 7700FullHD projector gives a bright, high resolution, high quality data image. It offers lens shift, PIP and side-by-side modes, and built in robust audio.
Dell 1430X
Conference Room Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Jun 19, 2012
2012 Highly Rated
 Specs    $649  
The Dell 1430x is what you might think of as a basic DLP data projector, but a surprisingly capable one. When it comes to the basics the 1430X delivers top tier performance
Dell M110
Pocket Projector Review
Jeff Janas — Feb 8, 2012
Our Review
 Specs    $449  
A 2 lb. LED projector with 1280x800 resolution and computer-free presentations for less than $500...
Dell M410HD
Portable Projector Review
Allan Abbott — Sep 30, 2010
2010 Highly Rated
 Specs    $699  
The Dell M410HD portable projector is small, bright, and offers WXGA resolution for less than $850.
Dell S300wi
Conference Room Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Aug 26, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $1,299  
Dell's S300wi 3D-ready interactive short throw projector is a attractive bargain if you need an interactive projector that is easy to move from place to place.
  Projectors and PC Gaming
Projector Shoot-Out
Bill Livolsi — Aug 15, 2008
  Each projector has strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of the trade-offs is the key to making an intelligent decision and, ultimately, a satisfying purchase.
    Panasonic AX200
Specs  MSRP: $1,999  
    Epson 400W
Specs  MSRP: $1,299  
    Hitachi CPX3
Specs  MSRP: $1,995  
    Planar PR5030
Specs  MSRP: $999  
    Dell 1609WX
Specs  MSRP: $849  
  Projectors for the Classroom
Projector Shoot-Out
Bill Livolsi — Jun 19, 2008
  We take a look at four hot projectors, each of which has attributes that make them strong contenders for classroom deployment.
    NEC VT800
Specs  MSRP: $1,399  
    Epson 400W
Specs  MSRP: $1,299  
    Dell 1409X
Specs  MSRP: $749  
    Sharp XR-32X
Specs  MSRP: $1,095  
Dell 1800MP
Portable Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — May 9, 2007
Our Review
 Specs    $699  
The Dell 1800MP sets a new gold standard in the realm of low-cost projection with superb XGA performance, high lumen output, and a rock-bottom price tag.
Dell 2400MP
Home Theater Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Aug 2, 2006
Our Review
 Specs    $949  
Dell 5100MP
Conference Room Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — May 12, 2006
Our Review
 Specs    $2,499  
  Dell 3200MP vs. Optoma EzPro 737
Projector Shoot-Out
Evan Powell — Feb 21, 2003
    Optoma EzPro 737
Specs  MSRP: $2,795  
    Dell 3200MP
Specs  MSRP: $1,699