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Elite Screens PicoScreen Review

Jeff Janas, January 4, 2012
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Fixed Size: Once fully extended the screen is fixed in place via a locking mechanism on the back of the screen. The screen is retracted by pressing on a release button that is easily identifiable thanks to a combination of a red dot on the back and red arrow on the screen top. As this screen may frequently be used in space-constrained settings, it will not always be possible to throw an image large enough to fill the entire screen. The ability to customize the viewable size of the screen with a flexible locking mechanism would be a great feature.

Screen Texture: Our review sample had a few areas of inconsistent surface finish. The coating applied to the fabric backing had a few areas that looked similar to fabric pills--what one might find on an old sweater. Most of the pills brushed off the screen surface, but it was still not perfectly consistent. Similar to the screen texture, I did not find the pills noticeable from a normal viewing distance.


The PicoScreen series from Elite Screen is a small, highly portable screen that gives a consistent and clear viewing surface for any projector. Pico and portable projectors are great for presentations, but they are only half of the equation. The surface you use a projector on has as much of an impact on image quality as the projector itself. The PicoScreen is extremely lightweight and can go from its included case to fully setup in about 30 seconds. While the build quality is not quite at the bulletproof level, it is consistent with how the screen is intended to be used. Image quality on the screen's pure white surface will always outperform an improvised display surface. It will help your projector to perform its best in any setting, especially if you are using a low lumen pico projector.

The decision to use a portable screen comes down to whether an increase in picture quality is worth the cost and the tradeoff of having to carry around another accessory. A pico screen, like a pico projector, is not meant for groups of more than a few people. But if you're looking to give a presentation more visual clarity and a greater sense of inclusiveness to those in attendance, using a PicoScreen from Elite Screens is an easy recommendation.

Review Contents: The Viewing Experience Limitations and Conclusion

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you give such a good information about projectors and good explanations about how to use in any presentation.

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