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A complete list of FAVI projector reviews and shootouts featuring FAVI projectors.

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Portable Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Jul 18, 2013
Our Review
 Specs    $89  
This slightly larger than pocket-size SVGA projector for about $200 and change will be just the ticket for some buyers...
Pico Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Aug 2, 2011
2011 Highly Rated
 Specs    $399  
One of the brightest pico projectors available, and video performance is top notch...
Pico Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Oct 29, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $320  
The Favi E1 is a pico designed for home entertainment, rather than just adapted for that purpose by the user. It excels at displaying photography and short video clips to small groups. At under $300,it is a great value.
Pico Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Apr 30, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $228  
Although the PJM-1000 pocket projector does not stand out from the crowd, it is one of the lower priced pocket projectors and a perfectly reasonable choice for business.