Grandview Large Flat Series-Tab Tension

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Grandview Large Flat Series-Tab Tension

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Grandview Canada Large Flat Series-Tab Tension Screen
The outer case is a beautifully designed black alloy case, and can also be installed into a decorative box or the groove of a ceiling. The screen is suitable for high definition television/movies and installation is suitable home theatres, scientific research institutions, government, command centres, etc.

The projection surface uses the PS Series flexible screen that uses a special fabric containing miniature and fine diamond veins that work effectively to remove purple light and light waves while fully reverting colour. The sides of the screen uses a self-tightening system that helps eliminate the "V" shape in the middle of the screen. This ensures that the screen is as flat and level as the mirror.

The Tab-Tension Cinema model utilizes an extra heavy motor made by the world-famous French Somfy Systems. Its unique noise control design ensures that raising and lowering the screen is smooth and quiet. Large diameter rollers ensure long-term screen integrity providing a consistent flat projection surface

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