Hasbro Showcam Projector

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Hasbro Showcam Projector

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Hasbro Showcam Projector Specifications

MSRP:  $60 Street Price**
Status:  Shipping First Ship:  Sep 2013
Warranty** Last Ship**
Brightness: **
Color Light Output: **
Contrast: **
Auto Iris: **
Native Resolution: **
Aspect Ratio: **
Video Modes: **
Data Modes: **
Digital Inputs: **
HDBaseT: No
Max Power: **
Voltage: **
Size: **
Weight: **
Lamp Life: **
Lamp Type: **
Display Type: **
Standard Lens Focus: **
Optional Lenses: **
Lens Shift: **
Throw Dist : **
Image Size **
Audible Noise: **
Speakers: **
Digital Zoom: **
Digital Keystone: **
Embedded Into: Toy
Comments: The new ShowCam device is an exciting 2 in 1 digital camera and projector designed for youngsters. This innovative new combo device from the PLAYSKOOL brand lets kids have fun capturing their world and showing off pictures instantly.