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A complete list of Hitachi projector reviews and shootouts featuring Hitachi projectors.

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Hitachi LP-WU3500
Conference Room Road Test
M. David Stone — Feb 28, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $3,199  
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A very unique 1920x1200 projector: 3500 lumens, amazingly quiet, extreme installation versatility, maintenance free for 20,000 hours, 5-Year, 20,000 hour Warranty
Hitachi LP-WU3500
Conference Room New Product Announcement
M. David Stone — Feb 2, 2017
Our Review
 Specs    $3,199  
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Maintenance FREE for 20,000 hours, and aggressively priced to boot. The least expensive 20,000 hour, 1920x1200 LED projector on the market...
Hitachi CP-X25LWN
Conference Room Road Test
M. David Stone — Sep 27, 2016
Our Review
 Specs    $612  
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Excellent XGA data projector, loaded with features...
Hitachi BZ-1
Conference Room Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Mar 29, 2012
2012 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,295  
One of the hottest short throw interactive projectors on the market, sets a new benchmark in price/performance...
Hitachi X2020
Portable Projector Review
Allan Abbott — Mar 1, 2012
Our Review
 Specs    $525  
An easy projector to set up and use even when shared by several users, it gets our five-star Value rating.
Hitachi AW250N
Conference Room Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Sep 16, 2011
2011 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,195  
The Hitachi iPJ-AW250N is among the smallest of interactive ultra short throw projectors...
Hitachi CPX8
Portable Projector Review
Jeff Janas — Dec 7, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $549  
In the CPWX8 projector, Hitachi successfully prioritizes image quality in a portable and affordable package.
Hitachi A200
Conference Room Projector Review
Allan Abbott — Jul 8, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $3,495  
Hitachi's CP-A200 classroom projector offers some unusual capabilities with its extremely short throw distance and its proprietary Perfect Fit image adjustment.
Hitachi DW10N
Conference Room Projector Review
Jeffrey Janas — Mar 5, 2010
2010 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,795  
The Hitachi CP-DW10N's short throw and impressive combination of features makes this projector well-suited for conference room or classroom use.
Hitachi X2510
Conference Room Projector Review
Jeff Janas — Oct 22, 2009
Our Review
 Specs    $2,395  
The CP-X2510 projector nicely balances performance and value for classrooms and conference rooms.
Hitachi X4020
Conference Room Projector Review
Robert Hendricks, CTS — Oct 21, 2009
Our Review
 Specs    $4,295  
The CP-X4020 is perfect for fixed installation in a conference room or classroom.
Hitachi X2010N
Conference Room Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Apr 14, 2009
2009 Highly Rated
 Specs    $2,295  
The Hitachi CP-X2010N has almost everything you could want in an education projector.
  Projectors and PC Gaming
Projector Shoot-Out
Bill Livolsi — Aug 15, 2008
  Each projector has strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of the trade-offs is the key to making an intelligent decision and, ultimately, a satisfying purchase.
    Panasonic AX200
Specs  MSRP: $1,999  
    Epson 400W
Specs  MSRP: $1,299  
    Hitachi CPX3
Specs  MSRP: $1,995  
    Planar PR5030
Specs  MSRP: $999  
    Dell 1609WX
Specs  MSRP: $849  
Hitachi X400
Conference Room Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Aug 8, 2007
2007 Highly Rated
 Specs    $2,795  
The Hitachi CP-X400 is a 3000 lumen no-nonsense multimedia projector that is ideal for large conference rooms, classrooms, and meetings.
Hitachi HDPJ52
Home Theater Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Dec 16, 2005
2005 Highly Rated
 Specs    $3,999  
Hitachi Home-1
Home Theater Projector Review
Evan Powell — Feb 13, 2004
2004 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,799  
  Recommended Mobile Presentation Projectors
Projector Shoot-Out
Evan Powell — Jun 19, 2002
    Luxeon V1
Specs  MSRP: $1,995  
    Epson PowerLite 713c
Specs  MSRP: $5,099  
    Sony CS4
Specs  MSRP: $2,449  
    Mitsubishi XD200
Specs  MSRP: $6,995  
    Epson 51c
Specs  MSRP: $2,899  
    Optoma EzPro 735
Specs  MSRP: $2,395  
    PLUS U2-X2000
Specs  MSRP: $5,995  
    Panasonic LC55
Specs  MSRP: $2,695  
    Hitachi X380W
Specs  MSRP: $7,995  
    Epson PowerLite 730c
Specs  MSRP: $4,049  
  The Arrival of the Portable Light Cannons Pt. 1
Projector Shoot-Out
Evan Powell — Nov 11, 1999
Specs  MSRP: $11,995  
    Hitachi X960WA
Specs  MSRP: $12,995  
    Sharp XG-NV6XU
Specs  MSRP: $9,995  
    Proxima DP9250+
Specs  MSRP: $10,999  
    SIM2 SLC HB1
Specs  Price: n/a  
    Mitsubishi X300
Specs  MSRP: $9,995  
    Epson PowerLite 8000i
Specs  MSRP: $15,999  
    Toshiba 770
Specs  MSRP: $8,995  
    Yokogawa D-2100X
Specs  MSRP: $9,995  
    Sanyo PLC-XP10NA
Specs  MSRP: $9,995  
    Canon 7510
Specs  MSRP: $11,995  
    InFocus LP770
Specs  MSRP: $9,999  
    NEC MT1045
Specs  MSRP: $11,995  
    Panasonic L797PW
Specs  MSRP: $12,995  
    ViewSonic PJ1060
Specs  MSRP: $4,895