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A complete list of LG PF85U projector reviews and shootouts featuring the PF85U.

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Home Video Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Apr 10, 2014
2014 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,299  
A $1,299 LED-powered home video projector with all the features of a Smart TV...
  LG PF85U vs. BenQ 1070
Projector Shoot-Out
Bill Livolsi — Apr 25, 2014
  The LG PF85U is an affordable LED-based home video projector, but how does it fare against the lamp-based BenQ W1070?
    BenQ W1070
Specs  MSRP: $1,099  
    LG PF85U
Specs  MSRP: $1,299