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Mitsubishi HC5500
Home Theater Projector Review
Evan Powell — Jul 23, 2008
2008 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,479  
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Mitsubishi continues to make competitive inroads into the hot 1080p home theater market with its evolving line of 1080p models that are all outstanding value propositions.
  Five Popular 1080p Home Theater Projectors
Projector Shoot-Out
Evan Powell — Aug 1, 2008
  This group of five 1080p models delivers great values in high resolution for not a lot of money. Each has its own set of features, price, and value proposition.
    Panasonic AE2000
Specs  MSRP: $3,499   Get a Quote
    Sanyo PLV-Z2000
Specs  MSRP: $2,495   Get a Quote
    Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080UB
Specs  MSRP: $2,799   Get a Quote
    BenQ W5000
Specs  MSRP: $4,999   Get a Quote
    Mitsubishi HC5500
Specs  MSRP: $4,995   Get a Quote
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