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A complete list of Panasonic PT-AE1000U projector reviews and shootouts featuring the PT-AE1000U.

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Panasonic AE1000
Home Theater Projector Review
Evan Powell — Nov 17, 2006
2006 Editor's Choice
 Specs    $5,999  
  Recap of 1080p Projector Reviews
Projector Shoot-Out
Evan Powell — Apr 17, 2007
  A summary of reviews of 1080p projectors from Fall 2006 to April 2007, with several updates. Summaries include highlights and limitations of each model, and relevant comparative notes.
    Optoma HD81
Specs  MSRP: $9,999  
    Mitsubishi HC5000
Specs  MSRP: $4,995  
    Panasonic AE1000
Specs  MSRP: $5,999  
    Sony VW50
Specs  MSRP: $3,499  
    BenQ W10000
Specs  MSRP: $6,999  
    Epson PL Pro Cinema 1080
Specs  MSRP: $3,499  
Specs  MSRP: $5,495  
    Epson PL Home Cinema 1080
Specs  MSRP: $2,299