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Samsung Beam
New Product Announcement
Laura Clinton — Feb 1, 2013
Our Review
 Specs    Price: n/a  
Pico projector technology has finally made its way into the smartphone.
Samsung SP-F10M
Conference Room Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Oct 8, 2010
2010 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,299  
The Samsung F10M is something of a revolutionary projector--it is the brightest pure LED projector to hit the market thus far, and it comes at a bargain price...
Samsung SP-H03
Pico Projector Review
Allan Abbott — Aug 24, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $299  
The Samsung SP-H03 is the smallest 30-lumen pico projector on the market. If you want to carry your presentation in your pocket, check this one out!
Samsung SP-M250
Conference Room Projector Review
Jeff Janas — Jul 21, 2010
Our Review
 Specs    $699  
The Samsung M250 portable projector doesn't have as many features as some other projectors, but its solid performance and low cost make it a good value for presenters on the road.
Samsung SP-D400
Conference Room Projector Review
Allan Abbott — May 27, 2010
2010 Highly Rated
 Specs    $1,999  
The Samsung D400S is a fully featured 4000-lumen XGA conference room projector of exceptional value.
Samsung A600B
Home Theater Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Oct 5, 2009
Our Review
 Specs    $1,799  
The Samsung SP-A600B offers good performance for a reasonable price.
Samsung A900B
Home Theater Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Aug 21, 2009
Our Review
 Specs    $12,999  
To the videophile, the SP-A900B is a dream come true as it is optimized for pure home cinema use in a totally light-controlled environment.
Samsung SP-A800B
Home Theater Projector Review
Evan Powell — Nov 3, 2008
Our Review
 Specs    $9,999  
For any buyer who is concerned primarily with the highest level of precision in color accuracy, this projector should be at the top of the list.
Samsung 710AE
Home Theater Projector Review
Bill Livolsi — Feb 24, 2006
2006 Highly Rated
 Specs    $3,499