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ViewSonic PJD6243 Projector ViewSonic PJD6243
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3000:1 Contrast Ratio
3200 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
Street Price: n/a
$729 MSRP

ViewSonic PJD6243
A Lot of Projector at a Low Price

Allan Abbott, July 31, 2012

Key Features

Connectivity - The rear connector panel of the PJD6243 is loaded: dual VGA connectors for two computers (or one computer and component video), composite video, S-video, mini USB for computer mouse control, HDMI, RS-232 and RJ-45 network connections, audio in and out, and a VGA monitor loop through. The only input lacking is a Type A USB for memory sticks.

Audio Output - No competitor in its class offers a 5-watt speaker like the PJD6243. It may not suffice for an auditorium, but for small and medium sized rooms, it provides enough sound that no external audio amplification is needed. Throughout its range, there is no hint of rumble or buzz to distract the audience.

Networking -The PJD6243 offers wired networking that is compatible with Crestron's Room View application. Connected via the RJ-45 connector, it offers options such as e-mail alerts in the case of projector failure. Setting up a network management protocol is easy, and you can control networked projectors using a Web-based browser.

Presets - With four Preset modes (Brightest, PC, Movie, and ViewMatch) and three board modes (White, Black, and Green) that preset image adjustments for each application, the PJD6243 covers most projection environments. But the PJD6243 goes a step further by providing two User modes that allow for storage of unique picture settings. This is especially helpful when the projector is a shared resource, and users have different preferences for picture settings. Preset contrast, brightness, and color temperature are very close to optimal, especially in PC and Movie modes.

Picture Controls - When in one of the two User modes, you can adjust the picture in detail with individual hue, saturation, and gain settings for all six color components of the color wheel. There is even an option to customize the color temperature settings (Low, Mid, and High are standard) via R, G, and B gain controls.

Remote Control - ViewSonic has done an excellent job of laying out the remote control for the PJD6243. All buttons are clearly marked either with an icon or lettering, and they are grouped by function. Source selection is at the top, menu navigation is in the center, and mouse control and special function buttons are at the bottom. The Menu button is colored blue for easy identification, and there is even a programmable function button called "My Button" that can summon a regularly used function from the menu.

Warranty - The projector warranty is three years, and the lamp is warranted for an unusually long period of one year. This puts the PJD6243 in the upper rank when it comes to warranty terms.

Maintenance - The PJD6243's lamp is accessible through the top of the projector, so even if it is ceiling-mounted, lamp replacement is relatively easy. ViewSonic also recommends vacuuming the air intake area on the left side of the projector to keep any accumulated dust from blocking airflow to the interior of the projector.

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Reader Comments(2 comments)

Posted Aug 1, 2012 3:33 PM

By Noli

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If they made this pj with a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio, would it not also be a perfect living room / games & movies projector?

Posted Jul 31, 2012 10:18 PM

By B.Thangaraj

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Nice features.

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