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Hi Evan... thanks for the review and information. It sounds like Panasonic is shaking things up... good news!

Like Tom I am more interested in its performance on larger screens. I was going to be using a 150" (Elite with the 1.8 power gain material) 16x9 screen in my new theater room.

I have always gravitated towards DLP due to an aversion to SDE and gratefully no issues with RBE. LCD's of the past always just looked lifeless (IMHO), but to be honest I have not viewed any of the '08 or '09 crop.

For this reason I have been "looking forward" to the InFocus 8602 or BenQ W6000 as possible replacements for my InFocus 7210.

Can you give me a little image comparison between the AE4k, W6k, and the HC3800?

Thank you for your time and assistance,