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As I said, I'd be posting some initial comments and observations after receiving the new Panasonic AE4000u: The projector is rather compact and easy to handle. It also comes with a CD of "Functional Instructions" - I thought I would be seeing some additional information that does not appear in the enclosed user manual, but it's basically the exact same thing that appears in the manual. The CD makes a good backup just in case you loose or damage your manual. The enclosed user manual is rather thick and I thought it would provide some pretty comprehensive information. It doesn't. It's thick because its printed in more than one language so actually about one quarter is relevant unless of course you like to read user manuals in multiple languages. The manual is typical of what I call "slash-and-burn" writing - just put in the basic minimum and nothing more. So anything else you might have a question about you'll have to figure out yourself such as how to really take advantage of the many features and tweaking options on the AE4000u. The manual goes over the various positioning options (4) and provides a detailed tour highlighting the remote control and what the controls on the projector do, functionally, that is, but nothing more. For someone that is looking for additional guidance, just to get started, on fine-tuning their image Forgettaboutit, it aint' there. This is the biggest criticism I have and it's not the fault of the projector but rather the marketing people. Bottom line is that the manual will give you basic information on starting and using the remote and what to expect on the menus. The only other criticism I would have is that the lens cover, while being very solid with a built-in metal protector for heat and being tethered to the projector via a cord, is a bit clunky and awkward to use. It would have been much nicer to have a cover that automatically opens or closes as the new RS series of JVC projectors do but then again at this price you can't have everthing. The other issue with the tethered lens cover is that if you've got a ceiling mount setup where the projector is in front of your seating position, if left hanging the cover might interfere with your viewing depending on how low you mount is. But most importantly it's the picture that really matters more than anything (at least to me) and it's here that the AE4000u really shines (no pun intended). The AE4000u produced a fabulous picture right out of the box in normal mode on my 120" diagonal 4:3 screen with a very large 16:9 image with the projector being 18 feet from the screen. The positioning ability of the lens is fabulous and gives you great leeway if the position of the projector is not dead middle and center to the screen (as shown in the user manual). My setup is with the projector behind and above my seating position and it was very easy to get the image positioned and properly sized without having to turn the unit upside down. The Cinema 1 mode, which is supposed to be more accurate color-wise did not appear to be to my eyes (and I do professional web and graphics work) but perhaps with some tweaking it will be. I found the normal mode color to be a bit more accurate but thought it had just a touch too much of orange. I was not sure if it was the projector or the source material - after changing some DVD and Blu Ray movies it turned out to be mostly the source material. I will be tweaking a bit this evening. But overall, I have to say the AE4000u produces a magnificent image and for $2000 is a fantastic bargain - just be sure you send in the "rebate" form to get the extra one year on the warranty. My suggestion is that you spend the extra couple of hundred dollars for an extended warranty because two years is not that long.