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Hi Venky: Yes, I realized after posting that you were asking Mark Rogers re screen size. To answer your question on how I chose the Panasonic: I looked for as many reviews I could find on current projectors in general (not considering price) and came across the Projector Central review. I don't like purchasing something like a projector without having the opportunity to actually see an image because you'll be living with it for some time and I did not actually see an AE4000u locally, so I was taking somewhat of a calculated gamble purchasing it. Then again, there's no assurance that I had found one locally that it would be set up as perfectly as it could be considering some retailers intentionally alter an image being shown just to push a particular brand - but that's another matter I won't go into here. But based on the number of good things I heard and especially on the Projector Central review and my own awareness of Panasonic imaging technology with professional camcorders (I work with pro video gear), I decided to give it a try and I'm not sorry for it. I almost went for the Epson 8500UB which is not available yet as far as I know (but will be this month). However, there also is a Projector Central review that compares the AE4000u with the Epson 8500UB as you probably saw, and in terms of having an edge with picture quality the AE4000u seemed to be the winner although as the comparison review stated, the 8500UB has better black levels than the AE4000u - yet both put out an outstanding image and neither was categorically better than the other in all cases. I have not seen an image from the Epson 8500ub and perhaps if I did I might have decided on it instead (?). But I have seen the JVC RS10 (now discontinued in favor of the RS15) at a friends house with 2001 A Space Odyssey and the JVC image was jaw-dropping because of the incredible black level quality and as you can imagine in 2001 there's almost nothing but black all over. So when I saw the image from the AE4000 I was sort of comparing what I saw on the JVC RS10 ($5000) to the AE4000u in a sense. I don't have 2001 on Blu Ray so I could not compare apples to apples. But I did order it on Blu Ray and will be able to make an objective comparison (based on my memory of the JVC rendition) with the AE4000. I don't expect it will be better because nothing out there beats the JVC RS series for black levels, they seem to be famous for that very feature, but I think it will be pretty damn good. In term of finding a local dealer in Atlanta you might want to give Panasonic a call and ask them if they have any Authorized dealers that might be within traveling distance. Of course, your other option is to purchase it online, as I did, and if you don't like what you get or see you can send it back. But if you do that be aware of the return policy as you don't want to be stuck if you're not a happy camper. This is not a plug but I did some searching and wound up going with only because they had the most definitive return policy spelled out on their website: If there's less than 4 hours logged on the lamp you can return the projector without a restocking fee, between 4 and 10 hours there is a 15% restock fee. And of course you can always trade up if you are willing to spend more. Now admittedly 4 hours is not a hell of a lot of time to work with something as feature laden as the AE4000u with its plethora of possible adjustments, but seeing the image out-of-the-box in Normal mode I had an immediate sense that what I saw was pretty fantastic (especially for the price), and that aside from potential tweaks, that I was going indeed going to keep it. When I do get 2001 on Blu Ray I will report back here how it compared to the JVC RS10. Good luck with your search.