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Hi Venky: It would be interesting to see an Epson 9500UB as I might have not gone with the Panasonic. But as I said, I'm quite happy with the Panasonic. It's always preferable to be able to see the projector's image, but as I said if you went with the Panasonic and didn't like it, as long as it had less than 4 hours on the lamp there's no restock fee (from If you have the bucks you might even order both (from projectorpeople) and keep only the one you prefer. That way you'll know for certain if you prefer the Panasonic or the Epson. And the projectorscentral review gave the Panasonic the edge for its image even though the Epson has better black levels. As for my screen project: I've been considering building a 2.4:1 aspect screen and utilize the CIH approach (Constant Image Height) which maintains the same height for all material no matter what the aspect ratio may be (4:3, 16:9, or 2.4:1, etc). The problem with this is that although I can accommodate the width/height issues, I don't want to rearrange my living room so tht I can get back far enough from a wider screen (using the CIH approach with a 2.4 screen produces a very wide screen). I currently utilize a 4:3 screen (120" diagonally) that has an actual viewing area of 92" wide by 69" high and provides a very large 16:9 image, and a slightly smaller (vertically) 2.4:1 image but neither is small by any stretch. So I'm rethinking the 2.4 screen at this point.