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PART II - AE4000u Comments - Continued: Black levels looked quite good but I suspect black levels could be better with a gray screen without too noticeable a loss of brightness, rather than with a pure white as I have. There's sufficient brightness adjustments and modes to compensate for a gray screen with this pj. In terms of gray-scale and color accuracy: This is more difficult to convey in the absence of test data. But viewing the built in gray-scales show that it's pretty accurate (gray that is) and you can't get color accuracy unless your gray scale is correct. Switching between the various modes such as Cinema 1, Cinema 2, Color 1, Color 2, etc. was very interesting. I tend to agree with the Projectorcentral review that out-of-the-box the most "correct" mode is indeed Cinema 1 mode. I'm not color-blind but calibrating a projector is not something that should be solely relied on using the naked eye. I would strongly suggest though that if you really want to ensure even better accuracy in your own viewing room that you properly calibrate the projector using an accurate colorimeter and supporting software. If you don't want to do it yourself, it's worth a couple of hundred dollars to have it professionaly done. Keep in mind though, that as the lamp ages the PJ may need to be recalibrated periodically. So you may want to invest in learning how to do it yourself. But short of a calibration, Cinema 1 mode is quite good (at least on my unit). After seeing 2001 A Space Odyssey on a friends JVC RS10 I was amazed at the black levels but I also knew the Panasonic would not be able to duplicate the effect. I previewed 2001 last night and while the blacks are not equivalent to the JVC RS10, they were quite good. I also put in a call to Panasonic's support line with not so good results: I had a question about Anamorphic mode and the 2.4:1 feature (on the Panasonic it's indicated as 2.35:1). After finally getting to the right "group" of people that handle projectors they were totally clueless, and I really mean clueless. They gave me a case number, said they would escalate my question to a 2nd level, took my telephone and said I'd get a response back within 2 business days. It's been almost 4 days now and I've not yet heard back from them. My impression with the support personnel was that they are simply not at all familiar with the unit - they paused in their responses to me so that they could bring up information on their computer screens to even begin to answer me. I suppose for a new product this might be expected. But at the same time I think Panasonic needs to step up to the plate and realize that while the AE400Ou is sold as a "consumer" projector, it has lots of professional features and so should be given a better level of support. If you purchase a professional camcorder from Panasonic there's a completely different group that handles pro gear and they are very knowledgeable about the products. This was clearly NOT the case with the AE4000u. Perhaps telephone support for the unit will improve. But more than likely you will not need to call them. Aside from that, the AE4000u puts out a fantastic image and for the price, in my opinion, is a steal. If you get one, be sure to send in your rebate form to extend the warranty to two years or 2000 hours, which ever comes first.