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Doug: CEILING MOUNT PRICE: Presuming you already have the correct ceiling mount hardware and there are no other potential issues with your ceiling (needs reinforcement, etc) then $300 seams within a reasonable range. If you don't have the ceiling mount hardware and the $300 includes it, then it's a very good deal indeed. In any case, be sure that you use the supplied safety cable for the AE4000u that attaches to the case of the projector and to the ceiling mount - refer to the user manual for specifics. Also, for warranty reasons, your ceiling mount should be purchased from an authorized distributor and compatible with the AE4000u. CALIBRATION: This is more touchy: $400 may be too much or too little depending on a) the experience level of the person, b) the quality test equipment used, c) the amount of time involved, d) the final results. Some professional colorimeters (a piece of test gear used to take screen and projector measurements) or other calibration equipment can cost more than the AE4000u itself. So if professional calibration equipment is being used, that's good - but it's not a guarantee of professional results. There are some specific issues with the AE4000u that require a "work-around" (due to the way certain adjustments in the color management system are designed) and if your person has never calibrated an AE4000u or knows of the specific issues it may take longer to calibrate. Not having had experience with an AE4000u is not a reason to disqualify someone, but it's something to be aware of because the AE4000u has some quirks when it comes to calibration and you want someone that can manage these if you're paying $400. If I were paying for it I'd ask that the person provide before and after colorimeter response charts of your projector so that you can see what was calibrated and WHY. However, keep in mind that unless for some reason your projector is wildly out of calibration, the Cinema 1 and the Normal mode should require little, if any, calibration. Of course, what you see on the screen is influenced by your room furnishings reflective qualities, your walls and ceilings colors, type of screen (matte-white, grey, silver, gain / loss), screen size, throw distance, ambient light levels, and lamp brightness - not to mention the accuracy of you source material. The AE4000u can memorize its settings so if you don't like what is supposed to be a "calibrated" results you can always restore it to its factory settings. The other issue with a $400 calibration is that down the road, and how far down the road depends on how much you use the projector and at what lamp levels (normal or Eco), you may need to recalibrate and another $400 plus your original $400 is almost half of what the projector currently sells for. Presuming you have an issue with the current image you're seeing, before you plunk down $400 I'd run the Auto Adjust feature (on the Waveform Monitor menu) and see if it makes an "improvement". My point being that unless your projector is highly off, I would reconsider spending $400 on a calibration - unless of course you have deep pockets, in which case please contact me ASAP (my email is in a post below).