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To Ryan Snyder: You didn't say whether the projector worked normally when you first started using it and the problem "suddenly appeared" after a while, or it had the problem as soon as you projected your first image. Presuming you have a new (not class-B stock) projector and also presuming that the projector is not facing downward, upward, or sideways to the screen at some angle greater than 30 degrees as opposed to being perfectly horizontal and your screen is OK then what you describe sounds like a really bad case of Keystone distortion ut worse. There are adjustments for keystone and overscan on the POSITION menu within the AE4000u that you can check and see what their control positions are currently at. (But before you mess with them be sure the projector is properly mounted). If you had the projector calibrated (or did it yourself) save your settings, then select all factory default settings and see if that resolves the distortion. If not, and presuming your signal input uses one of the HDMI inputs (there are 3) try using a different input and see if it makes any difference. Also try a different signal source if you can and see if the problem is solid, though I don't think it's coming from your source. If setting everything to the default factory settings doesn't resolve it you may have a defective unit. Give Panasonic a call - they may be able to confirm whether it's a hard defect or something related to the color managements system settings.