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Agreed, PatB. Look at all the exotic cooling and filtering that is required to build an LCD projector that will not require monthly cleanings and semi-annual engine replacements. We stopped using high lumen LCD projectors just to save on maintenance costs.

I do think that it is disingenuous to compare a "3-panel LCD" with a 3-chip DLP engine. Apples and oranges.

I am disappointed that Epson marketing is bending the lumen output by 10%+. Wonder what they claim their contrast settings are? 15,000:1 with iris? 3LCD has made contrast ratios meaningless with their cheating ways.

Dropping from "6000 lumens" to 1600 lumens in theater mode? Somebody had better check their design before installing into an auditorium.

Still, this unit should appeal to LCD fans who haven't had any product in this space at all. Kudos to Epson for trying.