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Sony has a 2K projector that is 3LCD (the so-called "pancake" model), so its panel rez is very close to that of WUXGA. And it also outputs in this same ANSI lume range.

The article did not compare this Epson model to any 3-chip DLP model, TX Booster. I don't think it should have. However, it could have compared it to some of the single-chip DLP PJs, the best deal of which is the Panasonic PT-DZ6710U 6000 ANSI Lumen single-chip DLP projector. That one has a closed-circuit chip cooling mechanism and a motorized filter roll.

Plus, it comes with geometric adjustment capabilities, a 1.8-2.6 standard zoom lens, and coveted SDI connectivity -- all for less money than what Epson charges for their 3LCD PJ without a lens and without SDI input.