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AE4000e vs AE4000u: According to the specs both the 4000e and 4000u are exactly the same. According to Panasonic there is no difference between the two versions electrically or feature-wise although they don't state why one has the 'e' and the other has the 'u' - these may simply be indicators of "European" and "US", respectively. The other issue is that of honoring a warranty for an "e" vs a "u" projector: if you purchased a "u" version from the US at a lower price would you be able to obtain warranty support, if you ever needed it, in Denmark as opposed to having to ship the unit back to the US for repair which would take considerably more time and shipping costs. Before you make your purchase you should visit/call Panasonic Global or telephone them at: Telefon: +45 43 20 08 60

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Specifically, asking them what your liabilities would be in terms of warranty coverage for a US purchased projector.