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To Brad: Here's my opinion: I've seen the JVC RS1 more than once at a friends house and it produces a jaw-dropping image and I own the AE4000u. Both projectors put out a fabulous image. As you know, the RS2 has double the contrast numbers than the RS1 (30,000:1 vs 15,000:1) and actually less lumen output, but it's pretty much similar to the RS1 (with supposedly even better black levels). It's also well known that JVC's RS Series can not be beaten (at least so far) by any current projector out there in terms of black levels. So in my opinion, I don't think the AE4000 is your choice especially if you've become accustomed to the RS2 and expect the same black levels. However, in terms of picture quality, color vibrancy, shadow detail (and other items) the AE4000 is hard to beat and can give the JVCs a run for their money. And the AE4000 does have higher lumen output than the RS2 which may help solve your lumen level issue. But you really should see an image on an AE4000 to see if you can live with what it produces, or take a look at the top Epson's which are supposed to have slightly better black levels than the AE4000. Assuming you can, you might also want to consider moving your RS2 closer to increase apparent lumen output.