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CinemaPete: Thanks for the great info. I think you're right...I better check it out before deciding what to do. I can't move the RS2 any closer because the anamorphic lens is at the min distance possible to shoot a 200" image (My screen is actually a 15 ft curved wall I built specifically for viewing movies in their original theatrical aspect ratio). This is My 3rd projector, the 1st an Epson pro cinema 800 (720p), Then a Sony VPL-VW50. I loved the Epson because it was great in ambient light, but it was a noisy rascal and I wanted 1080p after a year or so. I hated the Sony because at the time it was an expensive projector (~$3800.00) but the thing had spurious light emissions so bad it created a 6" wide halo around the outside of my screen frame! (at that time I had a 130" 16:9 DIY hanging on the wall...the wall I later converted to my current screen). I was tempted to haul that piece of crap outside and drive over it several times. Anyway I'll check out the new Epson also. Thanks for reminding me why I bought the RS2 in the first is an awsome projector. The only complaint I have is the low lamp life and inconsistant quality from lamp to lamp. My 1st lamp lasted approx as advertised (2k hrs), the 2nd I used to about 3k hrs, but it was pretty dim by then. The 3rd started going dim at about a 1k hrs and at 1200 hrs I turned the lamp pwr setting to high to compensate (2 days ago). About 15 minutes later there's a real loud POP and no more picture. The lamp literally exploded, blowing a hole out the back of the lamp while welding the remains of the bulb to the reflector. Now I'm using lamp #2 while waiting for lamp #4 to arrive. Thats after I cleaned as much of the broken glass out as I could. I have one more question for you... You're projector has frame interpolation, one feature I really, really, really want. Especially since I'm hyper-sensitive to judder and can see every horrible artifact during high motion/fast panning scenes. Do you use that feature, and if so, how do you like it, and does it help with judder problems? Thanks again for your informed opinion. Brad