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I just installed this projector yesterday in my media room. I have a 92" screen about 14' away from the projector. I have been trying to make the image clear, but there seems to be some kind of ghosting going on. When I try to focus the projector, the menu has some graying around the letters keeping it from appearing sharp, even though it is in focus.

When I use the image menu and control the focus, the initial pattern of green lines that go horizontal and vertical in the middle of the screen do not appear as sharp individual lines, rather a heavy line with some light green surrounding the lines. Moving to the image of the cross hatch shows that what I believe should be distinct thin green lines are in fact about 1/2" wide with the surrounding blur of the green.

Is this normal? Will a simple calibration using an old Video Essentials DVD clear this up, or is this something that would require a factory return? I could send it back to Visual Apex as defective, since this is supposed to be calibrated out of the box.

I watched Iron Man on BluRay and it looked like a DVD playing, not a stunning crystal clear 1080p image.