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Hi Brad, thanks for your reply: Your current screen sounds awesome (whos anamorphic lens are you using? feel free to contact me at rather than in this column - we probably shouldn't tieup this column with back and forths). I should probably also mention that with your current screen size you would definitely be running most if not all home cinema projectors close to their maximum lumen output to get a bright enough image - so I can see why you'd have an issue with the RS2 with its relatively lower lumen output. According to the specs, for a 2.35:1 aspect screen, the AE4000 can throw a 200" inch (diagonal) image within a throw range of between 21.0 feet (minimum) and 31' 6" (maximum). As usual of course, the further away you get the less aparent lumen would hit the screen. And adding an Anamophic lens will also eat up some lumen (whether or not it's noticable would depend on the quaility of the lens). I suspect that if you did get the AE4000 you'd have to run the lamp in non-Eco mode (and perhaps along with Normal picture mode which produces highest lumen output) to compensate for the Anamorphic lens and your throw distance. But again, when dealing with lumens, it's touch-and-mis in terms of any particular certainty unless you can measure actual losses and lumen outputs. And as I previously mentioned, while I think the AE4000 would meet most of your quality expectations I don't know if you'd be happy with it's black levels after being acostomed to the RS2. I'm amazed that your lamp explosion didn't damage your projector - says something very positive about quality construction of the JVC to contain the lamp damage. In terms of Judder, I have not noticed any particular issues with fast motion scenes or spurious movement. The Projectorcentral review did mention that the AE4000 produce a clean and stable image, especially when comparing it side-by-side with a projector that does not have the Frame Creation system. My own experience so far is that I have not seen any judder in anything I've viewed to date - but I limit my content to DVDs and BLuRay disks, I don't watch broadcast HD on the AE4000 at all.