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To PinballGeek: The AE4000 is a bit of a pain to focus. As the projectorcentral review mentions it's easy to go past the "sweet point". Before you decide to send the unit back what I would suggest you do the following: 1) be absolutely certain that your positioning of the projector is not contributing to a fuzzy image: The horizontal alignment of the projetor should ideally be aligned 90 degrees with the screen's vertical. You can misalgin the projector's horzonal placement as much as 30 degrees but I would not, epsecially since you're experiencing a focus issue. So get a level (from a hardware store) and place it on top of the projector in the center and adjust the positiong of the projector so that the bubble in the level indicator is perfectly centered - that way you'll know it's horizontally level. 2) This is probably not of concertn and may sound silly, but be absolutley sure that your screen is hanging free and clear of any obstructions and that no part of it is not perfectly vertical - I've seen screens that don't hang correctly and wall mounted screens where the wall is on a slight angle, enough to affect perfect focus. 3) Presumming 2 and 3 are met, position a test image (from the AE4000) onto your screen and fill it to the size you want with attention to how it aligns with the four corners of the screen: While it's possible to have a horizintally leve projector, it can still be misaligned in terms of it's direction with the screen and that will also produce some distortion making it hard if not impossible to focus well. So the bottom line is the geometry between the screen and lens needs to be on horizontal and ideally at 90 degree angles. 4) it's almost impossible to focus the AE4000 from a distance because there are no dicernible pixels to reference. What I have found to work for me is to project the test image with the cross in the center and walk right up to the screen and look at it. With the remote pointed to the AE4000 play with the focus adjustment while looking at the cross pattern on screen until you can see the individual pixels as clearly as possible (they are there in the cross pattern but are very, very small). You might need to practice a bit with the remote and not hold your finger very long on the button to focus as it's very easy to pass-through the "ideal" point. The remote is sensitive to short bursts so you can "pump", so to speak, the focus in either direction until the pixels seem perfectly focused to you right at the screen. If you've done all the above, and still are getting a fuzzy image (and presuming it's not from your source material) I would have to say you've got some sort of issue with your unit and in which case send it back and see if your replacement clears it up. Good luck!