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To CinemaPete: Thanks for the very detailed response. I do believe that my unit is level. I checked the unit leveling both across the front of the projector as well as front to back and the bubble is true center.

When I focus the projector, I use the menu for lens control or something like that. It has the vertical and horizontal green lines in the middle of the screen, and allows you to adjust zoom and focus on that page. I get close to the screen and slowly adjust the focus, since any more than two presses at a time in succession causes the focus to change rapidly. My biggest issue appears with the vertical lines, as it just isn't a distinct green line black space green line image. I also look at the text on the screen being projected to help tell what the buttons do. As I adjust the focus, I get some shadowing/ghosting of the letters to the left of the letter. As I move the focus, the shadowing to the left gets less and less until there is virtually none, but then I notice that there is now shadowing below the letter. I have played with it until I get it to the middle point where there is a slight amount of shadowing both to the left and below the letter.

I have changed the zoom level and ended up with a 74" image on my screen that I can focus and it is absolutely perfect. No shadowing at all and all the vertical and horizontal lines are crisp with solid black between the lines.

I bought the projector from one of the more reputable vendors for projectors and they had a tech call me to go over the issue. His assessment was that I am just being picky, and that with the units image smoothing technology, getting a true crisp focus on a 92" image is not going to happen. He stated that going from my 720p Optoma HD72 with BluRay to this unit is too close of a comparison for me to expect the image to blow me away and be as crisp as I was expecting. He suggested I live with it for a while and see what I think. I put in a movie and the text at the beginning of the movie (white text on black background) stating that director commentary was not endorsed was fuzzy / blurry to me. I don't know if I can live with that, as my HD72 at 720p was never blurry in this manner.

I am thinking of taking some pictures or video of the screen and send them to the tech and ask if he thinks this kind of distortion is normal as he was suggesting.