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To PinballGeek: Thanks for the feedback: Well, it may be true that since you're coming from the Optoma HD72 which is already HD that your expectation to be "blown away" may be unattainable. But whether or not you're being "blown away" (which is subjective) would be less important (to me) than determining if the unit you have in hand truly has an issue with focus. Everyone's eyes are somewhat different in terms of visual acuity and color perception but I would tend to believe that your perception of a fuzzy image is valid, especially after you mentioned that the issue goes away when you reduce the zoom to an image of 74". Perceptually, smaller images look sharper than larger ones but aside from all the theoretical stuff the real issue boils down to this: Assuming there are no extraneous factors affecting your screen to projector geometry that is contributing to the problem, then, is the image you're seeing with the AE4000 truly in focus as much as it can be, and if it is, is it your perception (or expectation) that is at issue, or is there a definite difference because of a subtle problem with the unit you have(?). The AE4000 has various modes that can affect the focus, more specifically, the softness of the image such as the various cinema modes. And I would presume that your focusing efforts have been made with the projector in Normal or Cinema 1 mode since these provide the highest lumen outputs (with the lamp in either Full or ECO mode) and with all other setting at their factory defaults. With my own eyes I don't perceive an issue with my particular AE4000 in terms of focus, and my own screen is 120" diagonal. When I do focus I concentrate primarily on the center cross pattern and the extremely tiny pixels within that pattern (I don't see the kind of subtle distortion you describe). I have definitely noticed a wide range in perceived focus, more correctly, sharpness of lines (which is somewhat different than focus because something can still be in focus but the lines are not as differentiated making it appear "softer"). And I have experienced images that are sharp as a tack and much less so - but these differences are from the source material and not a focus issue. However, what I would be concerned with is that if there is an issue with your unit "living with it for a while" as your technician suggested, might not be the best way to resolve the issue, especially since you have a limited time in which you can assess whether or not you will keep it. So I don't think anyone should take a wait and see approach with something like this - unless, it's really a matter of expectation rather than a real issue. My personal opinion would be that if the focus issue is so disturbing (whether it's a real problem with your particular unit or what you're expecting) then if your not totally happy you should return it and perhaps try a different AE4000. What I am going to do is take a look at the test patterns on my own AE4000 this evening and see if I can see the same issues you're describing and I'll report back here.