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Sample Focus Pattern Images for AE4000u: To PinballGeek: I've taken a screen shot of the focus pattern on my own AE4000u. I posted two photos on a website that you can refer to: . Now what I have noticed with my particular unit is that the menus as they appear on the screen will have some lines to that do not appear to be in focus while other portions of the menu lines are sharply delineated: there seems to be no specific pattern to this, and it can change depending on what sub-menu is shown. It also appears to be an issue with the internally generated menu screens because some areas seem slightly out of focus and other more in focus and the areas that previously appeared out of focus suddenly are in focus when switching to a different menu selection and the opposite is also true, in that areas that previously appeared in focus may show out of focus when switching to a different menu. While this sounds rather strange and would be disconcerting, as I mention in the photos I've posted, it does not seem to translate to a focus problem when I view normal videos from DVDs or Blu-ray. On the contrary, as I explain in the photos, once I perform the focus as I describe there, my actual images are as sharp as a tack on my 97" wide screen and any "fuzziness" can be directly traced back to the source material and not the AE4000 - in short, don't get hung up on how the menu screens appear but rather focus the unit as I've described and see if that makes any difference to your actual projected images. Hope this clears up some mystery and no doubt will add some, too.