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Thanks for all the help CinemaPete. After sending you pictures and movies of what I am seeing, you helped me decide that in fact my projector does have some kind of issue (most likely the lens) that keeps me from being able to focus it at my zoom level. Sadly, I have been told by VisualApex that I cannot return the unit.

After submitting my issue to them, they had a tech support person call me to basically talk me out of thinking there was a problem. He suggested I watch some movies on the unit and get used to the look of the unit, and that I would be satisfied. Now that I have more than 5 hours of time on the lamp bulb, I can no longer return the unit. They conveniently left out that fact when they told me to use the unit and wait out the issue. I will work with Panasonic on the issue to get my unit repaired or replaced.

I just wanted it known here that if you purchase from Visual Apex and have an issue with a unit, you are charged a 15% restock fee (others charge 10%), and have a limited lamp use time that you can return in (others allow up to 10 hours, not 5). I guess the old adage is true in this case, you get what you pay for. I chose to buy from a retailer who has a great price on the unit, but whose policies and customer service leave much to be desired.