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To Shammi: If your screens viewing area is precisely 2.35:1 a 153" diagonal implies a width of 141" (11.75') and a height of 60" (5') and in terms square footage equates to around 58.75 square feet. With a theoretical screen gain of 1 (zero gain), if the maximum lumen output of the AE4000 (according to specs) of 1600 lumen actually hit your screen your foot-lambert would equate to approximately 27.23. However, it's not likely that any screen gets the full lumen output of a projector simply because actual lumen varies depending on a number of factors such as the lamp mode, the projectors display mode it may be in, not to mention distance from screen. Also, even if lumen output were constant for all projector modes, distance would affect the amount of lumen hitting the screen and therefore the amount of lumen being reflected. Note that projectorcentral easured 950 lumen in Normal mode (and presumably the lamp was in full and not economy mode). The "Normal" display mode on the AE4000 produces the brightest output regardless of the lamp mode. If we used the 950 lumen as measured in the Projectocentral review instead of the theoretical 1600 lumen we'd get 16.17 Foot-Lambert for your 153" diagonal screen which is a fraction above 16. Using your screen gain of 1.3 and 950 lumen, we get 21.01 foot-lambert, somewhat of an increase. According to the Panasonic specs, for a 2.35:1 screen your allowable throw distance is within the range of 15' to 23' - and you're asking about 24' which according to specs is theoretically out of the max range for a 2.35:1 screen. My gut feeling is that you would get 16 foot-lambert with a new bulb in full mode but you'd be working with the upper limit of the throw distance. And, if you're using a 2.35:1 screen I'd presume, too, that you'd be using an anamorphic lens (otherwise there's no point to a 2.35:1 screen) which, depending on its quality, would also decrease apparent lumen output. In my opinion with such a large screen and throw distance you'd probably have sufficient foot-lambert but not much, if any, to spare, and you'd have to run the lamp in full mode. If you have the option to move the projector closer than 24' that would obviously increase your foot-lambert but if you are using an anamorphic lens depending on its design, you may be restricted in terms of how close you can get to the screen before interactions between focusing take over. If anyone else has a more precise calculation please offer it.