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Here are my comments about the projector.

I bought mine two weeks ago and I've had it setup last week... It is in replacement of a Panasonic PT-AE900.

Picture quality is very impressive compare to the AE900. Especially with HD materials like blueray or hd-dvd. But I found that even my average DivX TV recordings looked better.

I will pass on everything that I find great as it's been commented on already.

My comments so far:

Heat: The AE2000 pump a lot of hot air ! it increases very rapidly the temperature of my room by a few degrees (room is 4.8m x 3.5m * 2.8m high). It's getting warmer here in Oz (it's summer here) and it's going to be an issue soon.

Noise: The AE2000 is significantly louder than the PT-AE900, I can hear the projector over my xbox 360 ! it's rather annoying when watching a dialog scene. I'm quite surprised here as most reviews mentioned how this projector was virtually silent. I had a listen in another store and it was producing the same level of noise, so it's definitely not my unit.

Low light vs normal: Well, other than the fan is a bit quieter in low output mode, I can't tell the difference between normal and low. the difference in the AE900 was significant.

Picture is very bright (lumen-wise), in fact the whites are somewhat hard to watch (I use Cinema 1 settings). It could be that I'm just so used to the AE900 picture which was definitely not as bright. Whites sometimes make me frown.

Remote control. Something very annoying with the Panasonic remote is that you do not have discrete IR codes to go to all different kind of inputs. Say you want to go to HDMI2, you have to cycle through all inputs until you get on HDMI2. Very annoying if using say a Logitech Harmony remote as often the input on the projector won't be correctly set after running a macro. The AE2000 has an edge over the AE900 as you can define 3 buttons to be whatever you want. But that's not enough with so many inputs (I'd like 2 more, so I get with the press of one button: HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, Component, Video, VGA)

Moving pictures: There is a slight blur when you have a traveling scene. All the reviews talk a lot about the quality of the picture, with still shots etc... none of them talk about what it looks like in what the projector is mainly used for: movies !! The blur effect is far more noticeable than the AE900 which was perfect there. I am not sure it's a side-effect of having such high resolution, the movie I was watching (Transformer HD-DVD) or my eyes :) but it's an annoying effect

Manuals: they are crap. The PT-AE2000 is extremely feature rich, none of those features are well-explained. Pretty much nothing on how to use the waveform screen nor is there a chapter on how to best set the projector.

motorised zoom and focus: While it's extremely convenient to be able to stand next to the screen while setting the focus, I do believe now that you can achieve better result with a manual one. The various steps aren't that progressive. Say you press 5 times the focus+ on the remote and again 5 times on focus- you won't be back where you started. The jumps between 2 changes is too high and in my case I've always felt that the perfect focus is right between two settings. It took me a fair while to get the perfect focus, it would have been much faster with a manual one.

That is all for now. Cheers Jean-Yves