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To Dr D: Just like pcs, when the cpu clock defined the speed of a ccmputer, which is wrong, you can't judge a product based entirely on one aspect. To make a long story short, compare a 42" 720p Plasma screen with a 42" 1080p LCD screen and you will know what I'm talking out! (BTW, don't be surprised if the Plasma is more expensive than the LCD) On that note, what a shame that LCD is taking over Plasma, just because plasma is late with 1080p craze. The real messed up thing, is that they're pushing LCD technology for only one reason: cheaper to make, which now selling them at the same price as Plasma monitors. Just like in music, we went down from vinyl, to tape, to CD, to MP3! Pure regression. Same with PAL/SECAM/NTSC, or even the adoption of VHS over the superior format of Beta, probably because it was cheaper to produce. I could go on.. sorry...