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A few discrepancies on this review.

A. The AE4000 DOES have a fine step micro focus ability. In facts the microsteps are smaller than most.

B. Focusing this model to its best ability requires a test pattern screen like the SMPTE 133 screen found on a blu ray copy of DVE. The first step is to focus the center pixel bar structures so they are sharp, then go to the corner pixel bars in the corner of the screen and tap the focus button until they become razor sharp as well, there is a fine line between getting the corners and center sharp at the same time, but the fine microsteps of the 4000 will allow you to do that. When prop3erly focued this is one of the sharpest 3LCD pj's I have ever seen in honesty. Much better than the 8500UB.

C. I had the 8500UB for a week along with the 4000. I actually found the AE4000's blacks were deeper once fully calibrated. WHen the gamma and low IRE grey scale tracking is dialed in, the 4000's blacks are definetly a shade deeper than the 8500UB and of course the shadow detail is vastly superior. For those hung up on blacks and black level detail the AE4000 is better in both regards, but it does require a full calibration, and that means tweaking the gamma and greyscale in the low IRE. DO this and the 4000 is superior in every way to the 8500UB. In fact its actually very close in black level performance to my JVC RS25, and thats no joke. SOme of the professional reviews would lead people to believe otherwise, but I have found pretty much all reviews lack a true ISF quality calibration to get the full potential out of the PJ, and there are a number of discrepancies, like not explaining how the motorized zoom function truely works or the very fine microsteps it actually does have.

So, if you want a pj that is VERY CLOSE in performance to the LCOS based pj's like the RS25, this is the one to get. It has honestly 98-99% of the performance abilities of my RS25 for literally $5-6k less. I would never have paid the money for my RS25 if I was familiar with this pj months earlier, its that good when in the hands of someone who is capable of using its advanced calibration functions PROPERLY.