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@Budagog: Sorry for taking so long to get back on here. I gave my unit 6 months and could was not satisfied due to my lack of focus. The last straw was watching a movie and hitting pause and realizing that I could not read the time along the bottom of the screen showing how far into the movie I was in. I called Panasonic and after a few phone calls got them to accept the unit for repair. I just got the unit today. They replaced the focus unit, and it took maybe 5 days between when I shipped it to them and when I got it back.

All I can say is: I WAS RIGHT! I put the unit back up and went about correcting the zoom and focus. It was clear (no pun intended) that I was going to be happy, as the focus was already much better than I had ever seen. After going back and forth on the for a while, I was pretty sure I couldn't do much better. I put in Iron Man, sat back, and finally got to enjoy the purchase I made back in February. The picture is stunning, as I knew it should be from all of the positive reviews and editor's choice awards.

The bottom line is this. If you think that there is a focus issue, don't let someone talk you out of it. Call Panasonic and send it back. The unit is stunning when operating properly so stick to your guns and get what you paid for.