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My 0.0025 (South African)cents I currently use a Panasonic PTAE500 and have never felt the pictures lack detail/resolution, and thats just playing DVDs. I look forward to using it with a blu ray player to see what 720p looks like. Without having seen any of new crop of 1080p projectors I am sure they will have a significantly better picture but probably due to their better black levels / contrast ratios rather than the extra pixels. For the time being I can't help but think that 1080p models are overpriced. Sure there have been improvements but if the lens on the old ptae100 was good enough to show the chicken wire effect surley its good enough to show the extra pixels? Sure it will probably need faster processor chips. But a playstation 3 has to process these images and seems to do it at a much more reasonable price, and don't get me started about the lamp costs. I going to hold off until lamps are replaced by LEDs and some kind standard exists for 3D projection