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Rather than screen width, it is sometimes helpful to think about screen height. A good viewing distance is often about 3 screen heights back. This is 1.2 screen widths for a 2.4 screen and 1.7 screen widths for a 16/9 screen. The projector operator then has to zoom out the image when changing from 16.9 to 2.4 image. Accordingly the pixels appear larger on the 2.4 image. However, even in this case, most people will not notice the pixels. Remember that a digital movie theater projector usually only has 2048 pixels horizontally, compared with 1920 for HDTV. Not a big difference. (In a movie theater, 2K refers to the number of horizontal pixels; in the home, 1080 refers to the number of vertical pixels! However 4k, horizontal, movie theater projectors are on their way.)