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I think Evan Powell hit the nail firmly on the head. While I am not as much in agreement with Leonard R. Eckian's comments here and there, and feel they are a bit over the top. Obviously Leonard is a die hard 1080p videophile. Now I have seen Blu-ray via hdmi through both native 1080p and native 720p models. I have a very, very picky eye, and even standing there seeking out even the slightest of improvements in native 1080p projectors using Blu-ray via hdmi, I did in fact see a slightly sharper image, and naturally better blacks and contrast(but mind you-there are plenty of 720p projectors that have the same or superior blacks and contrast as most 1080p models). But honestly the difference is not really that big. Let's face it- both are indeed true HD. The only difference is that one has more pixels than the other which means a sharper image. So in my opinion 1080p offers better sharpness which means a slightly clearer picture. So on that level I do indeed agree. But I have seen many projectors in action, both 720p and 1080p native with Blu-ray and though I see a difference and a superior image with the 1080p signal, I do not agree that 1080p is that significant of an improvement over 720p because it is an overstatement to say it is. Evan Powell's article seem to suggest this opinion somewhat as well.