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Everyone has a "formula", and most seem to be based on a variation of "1.5x width". However, projector images have dramatically improved since that rule of thumb first came out.

There is one simple solution. Do not buy your screen until AFTER your projector. Go to JoAnn's fabrics and buy "blackout cloth" (pure white, blocks light completely, about $5/sq yard).

Put it on your wall and project your image. Watch a few movies, varying the size & location. NEVER MEASURE -- please do not have any preconceived notions!

I did this in 2004 when building my theater (panny AE700),%20textured.jpg

When I'd settled, I measured and it was 130" - so I bought a 133" screen. My wife thought it was a bit too big, and sat in the 2nd row of the theater... for maybe a couple months. Now, she loves the front row! Our eyeballs are 11' back - or 1.1x

Make your OWN judgement this way...