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The raving attributed to this projector must be relative only to other mid-priced projectors. In absolute terms, comparision to a plasma or higher end LCD, the image from the Panasonic leaves a lot to be desired. In a black room, on a 106" screen with 1.0 gain, shooting from 12 feet away daylight sceens had insufficient brightness (think a slight veil of light grey) and night scenes were a muddle of dark grey (think cheap lcd tv from a few years ago). I'm happy for those who are satisfied with this mid-range, well featured projector. The image size blew me away initially and some scenes with hi-contrast content did look amazing but after trying to watch a few of my favorite movies (Descent, Underworld, Pirates of the Carribean) I realized that a large picture wasn't worth the sacrifice and returned it. What amazes me is that many professional reviewers rave about the Panasonic as well as consumers. Just recently, thinking maybe my projector was some how defective, I found a store that had the AE4000 set up in a light controlled, dark walled room. They were showing Ice Age 3, which being animated should have blown me away. No matter how much I fiddled with the settings (thank you salesman for your patience) the image I saw confirmed exactly what I had seen at home. This of course is only one opinion, although it is shared by many video enthusiasts. Back to watching my old CRT, waiting to see if the Panasonic AE5000 this fall has evolved enough, and saving my pennies for a JVC in case it hasn't.