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"If you are more interested in displaying a computer screen at 1024x768, then 1080 is what is needed, right? It seemed to me interlaced would be better for computer projection than 1080p, does it matter?"

Modern computer displays and graphic cards are all progressive, not interlaced.

If you are interested in displaying a computer at 1024x768 you do *not* need a 1080p capable display (TV, LCD, projector, etc). You just need a display capable of doing 1024x768.

Now if you want to display your computer image at 1080p, then the resolution will be 1920x1080. If you are planning on using it for gaming, you better get a hell of a good video card. Otherwise your fps count will be so low that the games will suck.

I currently have a PC with a Geforce 8800GTX running at 1080p (1920x1080) at highest settings in all games with an LVM-37w3 and it is just beautiful.

I also have another computer which was previously connected to an HP VP6120 projector at 1024x768 and then I upgraded to the HD1000 at 1280x720 (720p). However due to problems with the HD1000 not doing 1:1 image in the VGA input at 1280x720, I am going to return that projector and buy something else.