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I really love the reviews here, it helps a lot to protect our money and choose more wisely when buying these expensive equipments.

I have the same question as Ken, What significant differences are between the HD33 and HD3300 other than the price.

I was almost to submit a pre-order for a GT750E because it has more lumens and short throw but placed it on hold. Is it worthy of paying $700 aditional for the HD33 ($1499) instead of $799 for the GT750?

My primary use for it will be 3D gaming (from console and PC's), also as home teather with Blueray's and HD satellite programming.

Bill please give me some feedback on this!!! I am a rookie :-) I already have a screen with 1.3 in Gain (120" 4:3 format), my setup will be wide screen although I may have to shrink it to fit 108" of 16:9 format more or less. I have some trouble to control ambient light during the day and the projector will be installed on the ceiling with a mount extended 10" down.

I like better the new feature in the HD33 and 3300 for RF glasses than the DLP Link setup used by the GT750.

Is the warranty for the more expensive models (HD33 and HD3300) three years? For that price range ($1499-1999) I think is a must!!