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Wow, a lot of comments! Thank you everyone for reading the article. I hope you enjoyed it.

I'll try to reply to all of you; my apologies if I miss someone.

Rick - no, we never had anything like that happen. Have you contacted Optoma support?

jamie - The projector is 100% 1080p. Lumens in 3D mode did not significantly differ from lumens in the other modes, and since you're never actually watching 3D mode without the glasses, we thought it was a silly measurement to include. I can go look through my notes if you'd like but it's around 900.

Lcoangeli - the HD3300 is an HD33 with ISF options, sold through authorized resellers and custom installers. As for your other question, you're sort of out of luck--the HD33 will do HDMI 1.4 3D but not PC 3D, while the GT750 will do PC 3D but not HDMI 1.4 3D. To do both, you'd need a projector like the GT750 plus an adapter box like Optoma's 3D-XL.

Luis - I answered Ken's question below, and then again to Lcoangeli. Actually, most of my answer to Lcoangeli applies to you; right now you can't do PC 3D and HDMI 1.4 3D on the same projector without some sort of adapter box.

Eric - passive 3D on projectors costs a lot more than you'd think, which is why you don't see it much. To my knowledge the only one around is the big LG dual-engine 3D machine from last year, and it was very large, very cumbersome, and image quality was not up to snuff for home theater. You can build your own passive system using polarizers and two projectors, but not many people do this now that prices on active-shutter 3D projectors are so low.

Regis - you'll be sacrificing some black level. You also lose the Epson 8350's excellent zoom and lens shift. As far as actual image quality, though, you don't lose much.

Pedram - MSRP is $2999; MAP is $1499. These two numbers often differ. Just to be sure, though, I have contacted Optoma to ask for a clarification. If we have made an error, it will be corrected.

Echeva - the HD33 is miles ahead of the HD67 on crosstalk.

EC Toy - That's all you need. Enjoy.