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The new Epson 3010 is a big dissappointment.

1. Has a crosstalk problem in 3D. 2. No frame interpolation system to smooth the image. 3. Lacks the contrast of its competitors. 4. No lens shift which makes placement difficult. 5. Too bright for a darkened theater, especially for a 120 inch 1.3 gain screen.

What is it good for?

Its physical appearance is better looking than the previous model. And, its great for big screen (darkened theater) instatllations in 2D or for a lights on social event.

I can't believe Epson released this unit with its subpar 3D performance. This makes me believe the 5010 3D performance will be no better. To me, Epson took a step backwrds with this model.....unless all you care about is a super bright image with first generation 3D performance.