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As a 3010 owner, just a couple of additional comments

1) Many comments seem to reference a crosstalk "problem", but in my experience this is being heavily overstated. I've not used the HD33 so cannot compare to that - however, I've taken photos of the tests showing it to match or have a slight edge on my old pro350w (hd66 equivelant), and those things had a **TON** of happy owners. Both are vastly superior to what you'd see in a commercial theater.

2) Having said that, I have been disappointed with lag. 1080p@60 and 720p@60 both tested at about 60ms delay. Hopefully someone will find out that I've got something set wrong, but so far not promising there.

So some good some bad. Overall I like it, and I'm enjoying gaming in spite of the lag, but I don't play many competitive FPS style twitch games.