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This is my first projector and I must say the whole family loves it. I've got it set up in the basement with controlled lighting and have run it on a 0.8 gain high-contrast grey 106" Accuscreen fixed screen in Dynamic mode and it looks great with the lights off/almost off; and it still looks decent with all the lights on. The projector is mounted at about 10'7".

I've had a few people over and no one has noticed any crosstalk issues - I've asked.

I still have to tweak the color settings but out of the box it really is decent, the projector is really quiet as well.

I noticed some gaming lag in 3D while playing Gears of War but it was only once or twice. As for 2D gaming, I haven't really noticed any lag in Gears or Call of Duty (as far as FPS go).

All in all, we're really impressed with the projector for the price we paid.

Still trying to figure out which glasses do work with it - on the Epson site it states M-3Di compatible Panasonic, Sony and Samsung glasses will work but they don't mention model numbers. I haven't had much luck with vendors as none of them seem to have heard of the M-3Di initiative. I'm told if the Panasonic glasses have the Full HD 3D logo on them then they work with the 3010.