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Two comments on your review - First, you said, "The 5010 supports all of the HDMI 1.4 3D signal types (frame packing, side-by-side, and top and bottom) but does not support 120Hz from a PC source." That's technically true, however, is that relevant? I'm using a 3010 with a PC and regularly view 3d source. All the video playback software I'm familiar with is happy using side-by-side, over-under, or frame packed 3d without a problem, and my gaming software (iz3d or tridef) is the same. This all applies to PCs with ATI video cards -- I'm not 100% familiar with Nvidia's solution, but my understanding is that 3dtv play enables hdmi 1.4 solutions for video and gaming as well, so again, no 120hz support is really no loss.

Also, I'm a bit disappointed in one aspect of your review. Unless I'm overlooking it, there's no test of the projector's input lag. It's an extremely quick and simple test, but provides critical information to owners with a desire to game on the systems - which is a fairly large sgement of the population.

As a 3010 owner, I've been quite disappointed with the lag performance on that projector (60+ms), so I was watching with some interest (though admittedly low expectations) to see if Epson corrected that issue in the next step up their lineup.

As such a simple yet critical measure, I hope you'll take this to heart and make input lag testing a standard part of your review test array.